February 15, 2012

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. So much has happened in this decade. So many changes. The world is different and so are we. But all the while… two people with electric guitars and a drum machine… somehow made it this long, through the flurry, through the genres, through the fads, the fashions, and the fluxes. Still worshiping the stage and the aud…ience, the noise and the night… I love my job and I love what we’ve done and what we are doing. I have no regrets in all that time with this band. We’ve always done it our way and always will. Thank you to everyone who has been on our side, in our gang, on our team, standing in the headlights or watching from the sidelines. It’s been a weird and wonderful ride and I look forward to the next mind bending decade and all it has to offer. Thrashing into the future. xxxxx Alison